Low Angst Library. A podcast for readers of low angst queer romance

The Low Angst Library Podcast

The Low Angst Library podcast is for readers who love the lighter side of romances under the LGBTQIA2S+ rainbow umbrella.

Host Lee Blair interviews authors writing our favorite low-angst romances starring queer characters.

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Meet Lee Blair

Lee (she/her) is a queer author and screenwriter from Oregon who writes low angst, funny contemporary romances full of queer characters. Not only does Lee love writing feel-good stories, she can’t get enough of reading them. That’s where this podcast came about. Lee wanted to meet authors of her favorite books, new-to-her authors, and celebrate our beloved niche of low angst, queer romance.

She’s constantly amused by the antics of her two ginger cats, considers daydreaming about future trips to Scotland a part-time job, and has more hobbies than time to do them.

Visit Lee’s website to learn more about her small-town romances full of sweet, heat, and all the feels.

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If you’d like to help offset the cost of podcasting (e.g., software for recording and editing, creating accessible transcripts, hosting), you can contribute whatever you’d like using the “Buy me a coffee” service. All donations go directly to Lee, which are then used to help offset Lee’s cost of podcast production.